Intrinsic Power develops and produces smart residential charging stations, enabling ubiquitous electric vehicle charging within the constraints of the power grid

Power Technology

  • The compact Intrinsic Power charger is more powerful than the competition, 11kW charging reduces charging time by up to 830%. Perfectly optimized for your current electric vehicle, and your next one
  • Web and mobile apps allow you to review charger use and synchronize usage across a portfolio of charging stations
  • Advanced connectivity enables real-time grid demand response, helping to avoid local power outages
  • Machine learning enables automatic time of use management, continuously optimizing to lower power bills over time


Intrinsic Power was founded in 2015, as a Los Angeles based internally-funded startup dedicated to delivering better EV charging solutions. Today Intrinsic is conducting field demonstrations, collecting data in preparation for mass production.


Managed and staffed by a team of technical leaders in the EV space. The Intrinsic Power team is dedicated to improving residential charging though a combination of improved hardware and machine learning based algorithms for better charging performance.